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Quantum Cryptography Is Unbreakable. So Is Human Ingenuity

Two basic types of encryption schemes are used on the internet today. One, known as symmetric-key cryptography, follows the same pattern that people have been using to send secret messages for thousands of years. If Alice wants to send Bob a secret message, they start by getting together somewhere they can’t be overheard and agree […]

Is your desktop phone leaking data?

The protection of personal data is a topic that gets much interest nowadays. Many countries are planning or implementing new data protection laws. The new rules are designed to make sure that sensitive data – as processed and stored by companies and organizations – are properly secured against theft and modification. Perhaps the best example is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was approved by the EU in 2016 and will become valid in 2018. As it is not a directive …

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4 Avoidable Security Errors Startups Don’t Know They’re Making

Hackers publicly embarrassing juggernaut corporations like Snapchat and HBGary are on the rise and leading to public scrutiny over their business credibility and security protocols, TechCrunch reports. But it’s not just hacking and malicious activity that negatively impacts a business’ bottom line — 36 percent of purchases were abandoned because the consumer couldn’t tell if their information was being handled securely, the National Cyber Security Alliance says. That’s not all….

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WikiLeaks Exposes CIA Hacking Abilities, Bitcoin Plummets After SEC Rejection

WikiLeaks Publishes News Release on CIA’s Alleged Hacking Abilities Last week, WikiLeaks published a document detailing the CIA’s hacking tools. Entitled “Vault 7,” WikiLeaks is stating this is the first of a series called “Year Zero” with plans to release more information on how the CIA collects information on the American public. Some of the hacking capabilities in the document include exploiting the security flaws in smartphones such as iPhones, Android and Samsung TVs to spy on individuals….

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How Much Should Researchers Divulge About WordPress Security Vulnerabilities?

Some argue that disclosing WordPress vulnerabilities plays into the hands of hackers, but without disclosure, would security vulnerabilities ever be fixed? Every complex piece of software has bugs. Sometimes those bugs cause security vulnerabilities. A…

The Importance of Website Bot Protection for Online Businesses

Online B2C businesses are exciting for quick adoption and scalability. There are different segments in online businesses like e-commerce, travel booking portals, content publication websites, classifieds portals and digital media websites. These busine…

AT&T Violates Net Neutrality, Iran Cyber Attacks Saudi Arabia, Pebble Acquired by Fitbit

Tech News This Week:   FCC says AT&T Violates Net Neutrality with Sponsored Data Scheme; Verizon is Next The Federal Communications Commission has reached a preliminary conclusion that AT&T is violating net neutrality by offering to let customers stream DirecTV without it being deducted from their data plans. Net Neutrality prevents internet service providers from favoring their content over competitors. In September, AT&T let it’s wireless customers stream DirecTV without it…

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How Cloud Platforms Protect Themselves From Security Threats

An estimated 79 percent of companies are already either operating in a cloud environment or preparing to do so, according to CloudPassage’s Cloud Security 2016 Spotlight Report. Companies agree the cloud delivers unparalleled benefits, including freed-up space, cost reduction and flexible scalability. However, security remains a barrier to full-scale cloud adoption. Here’s a look at how informed professionals are at protecting their companies on the cloud and what steps you can take to…

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Facebook Blamed for Trump, Alibaba Hits $15 Billion in a Day, Trump Surveillance Fears

This Week in Tech:   Facebook Spends the Week Defending Fake News and Denying Blame for Trump Election Last week’s election threw the world into a chaotic tail spin and now it seems Facebook is being questioned. While Facebook’s news feed ranking is guided by data, there are reports that Facebook killed an update to remove fake news from its feed because it affected right wing politics. This fake news, with a right wing slant, had the ability to reach over 150 million Facebook users in the…

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Guide to a Better and Safer Server Room

There are business owners who don’t agree with storing their business data on third-party servers, the main reasons being the fear of having their most sensitive information stolen and the costs of such services. On the other hand, the simple thought of setting up your own server can scare the hell out of you. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to be scared, as you’re going to see from this article, below. You’ll learn the basic things you have to do for setting up your…

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