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Making a Wind Turbine Out of Spare 3D Printer Parts

Turning a old whirlygig fence spinner into a power-generating wind turbine.
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New Project: Wood Gas Camp Stove

Make a simple tin-can stove that costs 99 cents, runs for free, and sequesters carbon as you cook.

Alternative Energy Kits: New in the Maker Shed

I’ve been fascinated by Stirling and other heat based engines as long as I can remember, which is why I’m excited to announce that these educational alternative energy kits from Exergia are now available in the Maker Shed.Read more on MAKE

Passive Energy Harvesting—”Run, Don’t Walk!”

Passive energy harvesting is an idea whose time may have arrived. With the increasing number of deployments of sensors to measure the environment both inside and outside buildings, as well as larger-scale “smart city” programmes, power is starting to b…

Urine Luck: Turning pee Into Power

Scientists working at England’s Bristol Robotics Laboratory have developed a technique for converting urine into electrons, enough to power a cell phone.Read more on MAKE

Toolsday Hangout on Air, Live and Online Today at 2pm PST/5pm EST

Today is Toolsday here at MAKE, so you know what that means – a live Google+ hangout where we will be discussing our favorite tools and workspace essentials. The main topic of the hangout will be power, in various forms. We’ll discuss a few of the many…

Efficient Biohybrid Solar Cells with Spinach

A group from Vanderbilt University, lead by Professor David Cliffel, claims that a protein found in spinach, called PS1, when combined with silicon found in solar panels to form a biohybrid cell, end up being 2.5 times more efficient then cells lacking the protein.