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Build a Simple Transistor-Amplified Touch Switch

DE_FOREST-copyLearn the history of the tech that gave us radio, TV, computers, and the Marshall stack — and then build a touch switch to explore how amplification works.

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Turn an Old Walkman into a Musical Scratchbox

Learn how to modify an old portable cassette player into a customized Scratchbox capable of mimicking the complex sounds of a DJ turntable scratch.
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Build a “Boomcase” and Upcycle that Old Suitcase

Portable, loud, and fashionable. Take a vintage suitcase and install a set of speakers, passive crossovers, an amplifier, and a couple of rechargeable batteries. Now, you have a portable, albeit heavy, stereo that will make your ears bleed. It’s a

Adafruit’s New Kids Show Talks About Amps

Love this! Adafruit has a kids’ video series talking about electronics. Episode one explains how amps got their name and what the units actually measure. And dude — I had no idea André-Marie Ampere was a spitting image of our friend Collin…