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The Rise of a New Generation of AI Avatars

I recently discovered it’s possible for someone in their 20s to feel old—just mention Microsoft’s Clippy to anyone born after the late 90s. Weirdly, there is an entire generation of people who never experienced that dancing wide-eyed paper-clip interrupting a Word doc writing project. For readers who never knew him, Clippy was an interactive virtual […]

How AR and VR Will Shape the Future of Work and Play

How we work and play is about to transform. After a prolonged technology “winter”—or what I like to call the ‘deceptive growth’ phase of any exponential technology—the hardware and software that power virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications are accelerating at an extraordinary rate. Unprecedented new applications in almost every industry are exploding onto […]

How the Spatial Web Will Transform Every Element of Our Careers

What is the future of work? Is our future one of ‘technological socialism’ (where technology is taking care of our needs)? Or is our future workplace completely virtualized, whereby we hang out at home in our PJs while walking about our virtual corporate headquarters? This blog will look at the future of work during the […]

How Virtual Reality Can Transform Who You Are

In virtual reality, as far as our brains are concerned, it’s quite possible to become an entirely different person. At VR Days Europe, an annual gathering of augmented and virtual reality professionals, Mel Slater, professor of virtual environments at the University of Barcelona, suggested this theory during his presentation, where he offered some of the […]

Tech Interfaces Need to Get Better. Extended Reality Can Help

Throughout history, we have used tools—hammers, canes, paintbrushes—as natural extensions of our bodies. These tools seem to disappear into our hands. But today’s electronic devices are unlike the simple tools of the past; they’re text-based and un-intuitive. They require us to multi-task: we must use the tool, via its interface, and we must simultaneously perform […]

In the Future, We’ll Know Everything—Thanks to This Tech

We’re rapidly approaching the era of abundant knowledge—a time when you can know anything you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want. An era of radical transparency. By 2020, it’s estimated we’ll have 50 billion connected devices, which will generate over 600 zettabytes of information. The global network of connectivity, drones, and satellites are not […]

Take VR Into Your Own Hands With These DIY Builds

Whatever kind of reality you like, here are some interesting projects to play around with.
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Delivering VR in Perfect Focus With Nanostructure Meta-lenses

If wearing a virtual reality or augmented reality headset is ever to become commonplace, hardware manufacturers will need to figure out how to make the devices small and lightweight while ensuring their images are sharp and clear. Unfortunately, this task faces a key limitation in optics: Conventional lenses are curved glass objects that focus different […]

Leap Motion Announces Open Source Augmented Reality System

The widest field of view so far!
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Reality 2.0: A Way to Upgrade Your Perception of Reality

Imagine enhancing your perception of the environment around you, other people nearby, and even yourself. Imagine reliving past experiences as if they are happening right now. Imagine a crumbling border between physical and virtual reality. Such a future is closer than you might think. The basic premise of reality 2.0 is to bridge the gap […]