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Quick Tip: Perspective Drawing with String and a Paper Clip

Using a simple string and hook to create dynamic perspective guidelines for drawing.
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Draw Distorted Pictures That Reveal Themselves in a Curved Mirror

You can transform a drawing into a distorted coloring book page that reveals the image in a curved mirror.
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Artist Draws All 100,000 Objects in Grandpa’s Shed

As we all know, a well-stocked workshop is a beautiful thing. It’s the place that keeps and collects all the tools and hardware you may someday need to fix something you love or make something new. When Lee John Phillips’ grandfather passed away, h…

New Project: How to Customize Your Clothing with Embroidery

Embroidery is a great activity that can add the right aesthetic touch to many sewing projects. From adding a floral print to a hand towel, to adding a bit of flair to your bag! I started to learn embroidery from my mom when I was a kid. I would choose …

Hand-drawn Book Covers Look Like They Came Out Of A Broken Printer

Technology book publisher and Make Magazine founder O’Reilly Media have used illustrations of animals from the Dover Pictorial Archive on the covers of their books for nearly 30 years. In that time there have been some dramatic changes to both th…

New Art Tool Review from Crabfu

It’s the holiday break and that usually means that Crabfu/I-Wei Huang is monkeying around with some new art tools (and making cool review and demo videos). This year, I-Wei tries his hand on the new Wacom Creative Stylus for iPad Air.Read more on MAKE

Inkimals: 2D Hand Drawings Become 3D Personal 3D Prints

AMINIMAL Studio is a Brooklyn-based design company focused the use of emerging technologies as an approach to designing 21st century products. They recently wrote MAKE about their Kickstarter for the Inkimals project, a new 3D printing platform and web…

This is what a Filled-up Maker’s Notebook Looks Like

A two year journey of one editor’s battered Maker’s Notebook.Read more on MAKE

Telling stories with pictures

All through Maker Faire last weekend the team from ImageThink were working to illustrate the talks as they happened on the Innovation Stage. Graphically recording what was going on in each talk they tracked the flow of the conversation with high-speed …

Snake Painted in a Single Brushstroke!

Watch this lovely snake painting taking shape via a single brushstroke. It was done in the shape of “2013” to commemorate Chinese New Year, the year of the snake, which began on Feb 10. Read the full article on MAKE