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These 5 Big Tech Trends Are Changing the Way We Learn

Our current education system is not fit for purpose. Student mental health is at an all-time low, and student debt is at an all-time high. Dominated by uninspiring curricula and an over-emphasis on short-term knowledge and outdated skills, the entire industry is ripe for disruption. Better education contributes to better citizens and, ultimately, a better […]

Why the Potential of Augmented Reality Is Greater Than You Think

Never before have businesses been able to build billion-dollar valuations in so little time. Never before have incumbent enterprises been able to go out of business so quickly. Disruption is now commonplace, and augmented reality (AR) is emerging as yet another avenue to turn industries on their heads. But what direction will this new technology […]

The Technologies We’re Most Fired Up to Watch in 2017

Covering technology is exhilarating. Each year is filled with unforeseen surprises—advances we thought were years away, unexpected technology applications (like AI used for mental healthcare), and unlikely startups reimagining entire markets. These breakthroughs keep Singularity Hub’s team of tech-enthusiasts on our toes around the clock. Though we can’t forecast like famous futurist Ray Kurzweil, many […]

Bangkok Makers Use IoT for Sustainability Solutions

The Southeast Asia Makerthon 2016 continues in Bangkok where teams look at ways logistics and IoT can prevent needless waste.
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Sculptural Clocks Are Perfect Fusion of Analog and Digital

Bernie Rohde became obsolete as a TV repairman almost 30 years ago, having only gone to school for analog appliance repair. To catch up to a growing tech world, he decided to teach himself how to build digital circuits. He liked to play around with com…

Tell Time with this 3D Printed Portable Sundial

Sundials have been used to tell time for thousands of years. People have been able to tell you what time of day it is pretty accurately with just a stick (known as a style), a shadow, and some markings on the ground. Nowadays, not many people know how…

littleBits Releases MIDI and USB I/O Modules, Connects Analog and Digital Instruments

LittleBits, purveyors of the simple-to-use electronic components with magnetic connectors, is releasing some brand new bits to expand its music capabilities: a MIDI module, a USB I/O module, and a CV module. Musical makers now have the ability to conn…

Mobile Pay: The Digitization of Money

For years the smartphone has made life simpler. It has…

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How Being Data Driven Helps in Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is the preferred mode of marketing for many businesses these days. Not only is it very cost-effective when compared to traditional forms of marketing, but also allows brands to use the power of the Internet to increase their market …

Digital Advertising 101

Ad inventory, ad impressions, fill rate and eCPM are terms that app developers throw around day in and day out. At SponsorPay, we know that the language of digital advertising involves an initial learning curve. In an … Read More

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