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Unique Pastry Knife Cuts Hexagonal Cake Pieces

This handmade hexagonal knife will cut interesting patterns into a sheet cake. Watch as Matthias Wandel makes the knife by hand.
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New Project: LED Matrix Dessert Tray

Everyone loves dessert, but what if they could light up and play animations? I’ll show you how to make a dessert tray with a built-in LED matrix.
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New Project: Bake These Easy BB-8 Cupcakes

Everyone is clamoring about the newest, cutest Star Wars droid and how to build him. I wanted to build my own BB-8 droid, but without robotics or magnets. I also wanted him to be edible. And delicious. (And vegan.)
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The 6 Best Ways to Make Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake is perfect for any birthday, young or old, but it can sometimes be hard to track one down. Instead of looking high and low, why not make a personalized one right at home? There are more ways to make ice cream cake than colors in the rai…

Make Magically Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Rice Krispies Treats

When I was a kid, my mom used to give me breakfast cereal floating in green milk on St. Patrick’s Day, but the folks at Classy Clutter have taken their green cereal game to the next level with these disturbingly appropriate St. Patrick’s Da…

Get Lucky Making These Cinnamon Fortune Cookies

St. Patrick’s Day may be coming up, but you won’t need shamrocks for good luck this year when you can simply write your own fortune with these homemade cinnamon sugar fortune cookies from A Cozy Kitchen. The real trick to this recipe is bei…

New Project: Make Lickety-Split “Magic Shell” Ice Cream Dip

Crunch! This deliciously snappy, yet fudgy chocolate dip is surprisingly simple to make, and it’s even better than store-bought. All you need is gourmet dark chocolate, coconut oil, and a little sweetener. The secret is the saturated fat in the coconut…

Banana Chocolate Ice Cream

When I visited my aunt on Cape Cod last summer, she had this contraption that you made banana ice cream with. Throw frozen bananas and other things in, and out comes banana ice cream! The results were delicious, but my kitchen has no room for single-pu…