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Convert Scientific Data into Synthesized Music

Reimagine all of your scientific data as music with MusicAlgorithms, which can translate points on a graph to corresponding tones.
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Why Big Data Is Much More Personal Than You Think

Most people think of big data as some amorphous cloud of information. Even a definition everyone agrees on is hard to pin down. What makes data ‘big’? Most rely on the three V’s to define it: “huge in volume, high in velocity, and diverse in variety”. In her recent Aeon piece, Why Big Data is Actually Small, Personal and Very Human, Rebecca Lemov, an associate professor of the history of science at Harvard University, argues that what… read more

Be on the Winning Side of Disruption: SU Global Summit San Francisco

There’s never been a better opportunity to see the future first-hand. Join the most innovative minds in business and technology, along with Singularity University faculty and alumni at the first-ever SU Global Summit, August 28-30, in San Francisco. The future is incredibly hard to predict, but not for the reasons we normally think. The truth is, not only are new technologies advancing quickly, but how they’re converging and influencing one another kicks the pace up another… read more

Modern Cybersecurity Concerns

Like it or not, cyber attacks and malicious software are the dark side of computer technology, and probably always will be. More and more headlines carry the disturbing news of serious blows to reputations as well as bank accounts, for both individuals…

These Robots Steal and Share Your Data Because You Let Them

A new art installations explore the ways that innocuous seeming web activities relate to your data privacy.
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New Project: Preserve Data in a Mason Jar Using Raspberry Pi

Make a custom Raspberry Pi enclosure to store family memories right next to your tomatoes.
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Rocket Scientists Are Arduino at Heart

This is the story of a group of college students who moved to the Mojave Desert, bought a house, painted it white, and turned it into a make-shift lab. Then they went out to launch rockets.Read more on MAKE

Output Level: Increasing Productivity with Mobile Data Collection

Recently, we took a look at some best practices for mobile data collection at the input level. This week, we turn our attention to best practices at the output level. Following the critical input stage, data is often transferred to … Read More


How Data Can be Beautiful, Impactful, and Poetic

When most of us think of data we tend to think of bland spreadsheets and rows of numbers. Data entry is hardly the most glamorous of jobs, after all, and most people who have studied statistics will probably have cold-sweats … Read More

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The Best Security Defense is a Good Open Source Offense

The hackers who compromised Adobe’s network knew, when they hacked into the system, that the most valuable prize would be the one that was the most secretive – their source code.
Exploiting secrets is the name of the game … Read More