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New Project: Skill Builder: Styrofoam Sculpting, Surfacing, and “Sugru Skinning”

The modeling technique I used in my Ergo Mouse project (MAKE Volume 38) has 3 main steps: sculpting, surfacing, and Sugru skinning. But you can apply it to any creative process requiring models to explore interactions and aesthetics, quickly and at low…

How to Create a Power Supply out of a Wall Wart

Chris Connors shows how to modify a wall wart to equip it with alligator clips, giving you the ability to power a project breadboard right from the wall socket.Read more on MAKE

Building a Spot Welder From a Transformer

Manekinen’s spot welderRead more on MAKE

How to Salvage Transformers From Dead Microwaves

Matt, AKA YouTube user MattsAwesomeStuff, has three video tutorials describing how he hacks broken microwave ovens in order to harvest transformers from the junk. Read more on MAKE

How to Easily Disassemble a Transformer

Ryan Jensen wanted to get at the magnet wire in his his transformer in order to make a relay. It turns out getting into those things can be pretty difficult; they’re not made to be opened!Read more on MAKE

Component of the Month: Transformer

November is Transformer month, and we’ll be featuring blog posts about those handy components used for transforming voltage. Read more on MAKE

Hackett’s Bike Generator Keeps the Juice Flowing During Blackouts

Having witnessed the effects of Superstorm Sandy on the New York power grid, Hackett built this easy bike generator to stave off the next power outage.Read more on MAKE

Building a BatBox: a DIY Battery Backup

Bill Porter had some nice batteries lying around and had suffered some power outages, so he decided to make a battery backup in the spirit of Minecraft’s BatBox power packs.Read more on MAKE

Make a Gel Electrophoresis Power Supply

Open-source DIY Bio company IO Rodeo created a DIY gel electrophoresis power supply, which creates the electrical field that manipulates molecules suspended in a gel or liquid.Read more on MAKE

Building a Power Supply Kit with Collin

In this classic video Collin Cunningham describes power supplies and walking through building a dual linear regulated power supply from a kit.Read more on MAKE