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Category: Family Friday

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Build a Fairy House

Build this simple fairy house with your kids and let their imaginations populate it with fantastic fairies.Read more on MAKE

Children Get into Carpentry with ToolKid

No longer content to sit on the sidelines, ToolKid lets children get into carpentry themselves.Read more on MAKE

An Early Maker Story From Holland

We think of the maker movement as a modern phenomena propelled by the internet, growth of makerspaces, and increasingly affordable digital technology. But making, of course, is anything but new. It’s part of what it means to be human. Dutch lutier Jan …

Aaron Vanderwerff Named “Inspirational Teacher of the Year”

Oakland’s Lighthouse Community Charter School is turning out some great young makers. If you attended Maker Faire this past week you might have run into Lighthouse students displaying a solar-powered scooter. (It started out as a go kart, but someone …

What Kids say About Maker Faire

I sat down with a group of kids, some of whom joined me on for Maker Faire’s Education Day and asked, “What’s so great about Maker Faire?” Here’s what they told me.Read the full article on MAKE

Maker Scouts: Bringing Minecraft Alive for Maker Faire

The Maker Scouts have entered the independent project phase of this session and with Minecraft practically haven taken over their brains, it was no surprise that they wanted to make something Minecraft related. They came up with the idea of a live acti…

Simple Machines: The Lever

The lever is one of the six classic simple machines. A simple machine is a mechanical device that changes a force’s direction or magnitude. The other five simple machines are the wheel and axle, the pulley, the inclined plane, the wedge and the screw. …

Dinotopia: An Interview with James Gurney

I’ve had the intention to cover and post about my favorite artists for a long time now, finally getting off my lazy butt to do it. No better way to kick it off, than with a living legend, James Gurney. James is best known for the Dinotopia series, wher…

Introducing the FuzzBot

Twelve-year-old Maker Quin already has a company of his own–Qtechknow. He founded a hackerspace in his garage on California’s Central Coast. He helps teach Arduino classes for kids and adults. And he developed the “gas cap” a baseball hat that detects…

Maker Scouts Love Bugs

As educators, we are always seeking subjects that are robust enough to allow children to have choices and are gender neutral to maximize engagement. The Exploratory specializes in developing projects that incorporate several learning opportunities into…