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4 Cheap Tricks for Drilling Straight Holes

Use these techniques to keep your drilling aligned.
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5 Indispensable Shop Hacks

We’ve gotten such a great response to the two recent tips posts I did, “6 ‘Now, Why Didn’t I Think of That?’ Shop Tips” and “5 Clever Tool Hacks,” that I decided to share some shop hacks from another YouTuber…

Tool Tales: The Pump Drill

A pump drill is an ancient tool traditionally been used to generate friction heat for starting fires, as well as for boring holes. The principle of a pump drill’s operation is similar to the button spinner or whirligig, in which rotational momentum is …

Ten Tips for Drilling Better Holes

Drilling holes isn’t just a matter of putting a bit in the chuck, plugging it in, and pulling the trigger. There are finer points to this often under-examined skill. Let’s take a look at some ways to make drilling holes better and easier.Read the full …