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Hack an Old DC Motor to Provide Rotary Input

Watch a Redditor share how he hacked a DC motor and hooked it up to an Arduino to use as an encoder.
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littleBits Releases MIDI and USB I/O Modules, Connects Analog and Digital Instruments

LittleBits, purveyors of the simple-to-use electronic components with magnetic connectors, is releasing some brand new bits to expand its music capabilities: a MIDI module, a USB I/O module, and a CV module. Musical makers now have the ability to conn…

Herb Deutsch and the First Moog at Maker Faire Detroit

Moog synthesizer co-inventor Herbert Deutsch played Maker Faire Detroit as part of The Henry Ford’s 50th anniversary celebration of the first Moog.Read more on MAKE

3D Vector Graphics on a WWII Radar Tube with Arduino

Google engineer Eric Schaepler has a passion for antique display technologies. Read more on MAKE

Weekend Projects: Control Analog Servo Motors with Streams of Digital Data

Data Dial Dashboard joins our beginner-friendly electronics series, Weekend Projects, as a moderately difficult build. The case design and layout is fun and simple, made from balsa wood and uses ink or laserjet printouts for all the displays (or a lase…

New Project: Data Dial Dashboard

The Data Dial Dashboard brings back the fun of old-school analog dial gauges while updating them with internet connectivity. In this project we will use an Arduino, Ethernet shield, and 3 servos to create a system for tracking global earthquake activit…

Pi-blaster Improves Software PWM on Raspberry Pi

Without an external digital to analog converter circuit, getting pulse width modulation out of more than a single PWM pin on the Raspberry Pi could be achieved by writing your own code to set the pins high and low at the appropriate time (i.e. bitbangi…