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How Can Managers Perfect Workplace Communication?

Nowadays, many enterprises are knocking on the door of business heaven. However, not many of them will be granted access. Whether or not they’ll succeed in putting their visions to practice will depend on numerous minute details. One of these details is workplace communication. Businesses whose managers create an encouraging work ambience will blossom and thrive. Others will plummet and dive into the chaos of bad relationships and workplace misunderstandings. So, here’s what you can do to…

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here: What Now? [Video]

What if the world we knew was subtly being replaced with a new one? Would we notice immediately, or would it only be evident in hindsight? According to the World Economic Forum, the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is here. It’s a change as significant as any modern revolution before it. And if we look, we’ll see […]

“Make It Go” Turns Makerspace Collaboration into a Game

make_it_go_headerMake It Go offers makerspaces around the world the opportunity to collaborate and co-create a kinetic artwork!

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YouTube Maker Stars Collaborate on Charity Chess Set

Five well-known online makers join forces to build a chess set to support a worthy cause
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Sculptor Collaborates With Bees

Artist Aganetha Dyck embraces the collaborative spirit by creating these fascinating sculptures with the help of some honey bees.Read more on MAKE

Academic and industry collaboration (Part 3): Interview with Minoru Asada

  Established experts in the field of robotics were recently interviewed by a group of scientists from the ECHORD project at Technische Universität München. Motivated by the fact that industry-academia collaborations in robotics are still limited, they wanted to know … Continue reading

Interns Corner: MAKE Robot Project

By Nick Raymond Photos by Gunther Kirsch & Nick Raymond Working at MAKE is anything but boring. On any given day, someone might walk into the MAKE Labs and say, “So I was thinking about building [fill in the blank], can you help me?” The people here are open to the […]