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China’s Most Advanced Power Grid Tech Is in Xinjiang, But Good Luck Trying to See It

Chinese authorities want to avoid outside scrutiny of the country’s security crackdown on Uyghur Muslims

Alphabet’s Wind Energy Kites to Fly Offshore

Airborne wind energy company Makani has graduated from X’s experimental labs and is teaming up with offshore energy giant Shell

How New 2D Materials Convert Wi-Fi Signals to Electricity

Our eyes are only attuned to a narrow band of possible wavelengths for electromagnetic radiation, between around 390-700 nanometers. If you could see the world in different wavelengths, you’d be aware that, in a built-up area, you’re illuminated even in the dark, constantly irradiated by infrared, microwaves, and radio waves. Some of this is ambient […]

Advancing Vehicle-to-Grid Tech: Why Solar Energy Needs Your Electric Car

Solar may be the future of energy production, but for the time being, it causes a lot of problems.  Energy producers, grid managers, and energy markets have struggled to adapt to the growing amount of solar panels being installed, especially in areas like California. In short, the problems stem from two simple facts: first, that […]

The Catch No One’s Talking About: Renewable Energy Relies on Non-Renewable Resources

Renewable energy is generally viewed as a long-term solution to climate change. It’s no surprise, then, that a great deal of effort is going into to powering the world by using only renewables, and researchers are even looking seriously at the prospect of Europe switching to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. However, there is […]

China’s State Grid Corp Crushes Power Transmission Records

State Grid’s 1.1 million volt DC line pushes power from Xinjiang to eastern megacities over 3000 kilometers to the east

With Vineyard Wind, the U.S. Finally Goes Big on Offshore Wind Power

The 400-megawatt Vineyard Wind project is the first large offshore wind farm in the U.S. It won’t be the last

Forget Cats, This Neural Network Spots Solar Panels

Stanford’s DeepSolar neural network analyzed satellite images to count U.S. solar installations—and there are a lot more than anybody thought

Will Electric Planes Ever Happen? Here’s an Update on Their Status

In 2015, airlines burned through 276 million tons of jet fuel. That’s roughly 7 percent of global oil products, and leads to direct emissions that make up 2.7 percent of global energy-related CO2 emissions. Worse yet, direct CO2 emissions are estimated to account for only half the sector’s total global warming impact, with other greenhouse […]

Switching to Electric Vehicles Could Save the US Billions, But Timing Is Everything

Today, less than two percent of the vehicles Americans buy are electric. But within the next three decades, some automotive industry experts expect electric vehicles could make up the majority of US and global car sales. All told, American drivers log about 3 trillion miles per year, consuming more than 170 billion gallons of gasoline […]