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Cosplayer Uses Engineering Background for Over the Top Costume Effects

Chrissy of Engineering Couture creates cosplay designs with a mix of artistry and DIY tech. Her steampunk Dalek dress actually has steam!
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Doctor Who Themed Projector Puts Daleks On Your Walls

  Doctor Who undoubtedly has one of the biggest fan bases of the sci-fi genre and like all fans, you can never have enough swag from the series. Shirts, action figures and shot glasses are widely available but it’s the swag fans make that’s tr…

Daleks invade Maker Faire UK

It wouldn’t be a British Maker Faire without Daleks, and it wouldn’t be a Dalek without the voice. Despite being the Doctor’s mortal enemy, the Daleks have earned a soft spot for themselves in British popular culture.Read more on MAKE

3D Printed Dalek Transformer

Andrew Lindsey’s 3D printed Dalek Transformer is a Sci Fi fan’s dream come true.Read more on MAKE

Radiophonic Workshop on the Web

Bringing their Radiophonic Workshop to the web, the BBC attempt to recreate their classic Wobbulator and Ring Modulator sounds online, using JavaScript and HTML5.