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Projects with Ryan Slaugh: Building a Raspberry Pi Pinewood Derby Race System

Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Alamode join forces to control a Pinewood Derby race track.Read more on MAKE

Network Enabled ShapeOko CNC Uses Raspberry Pi and Alamode

Kevin Osborn was tired of worrying about getting dust from his ShapeOko CNC mill into his computer. Using a Raspberry Pi and an AlaMode shield he can now send G-Code to the machine over his wireless network, leaving his computer clean and available for…

TFTweet – Displaying Tweets on an Arduino Shield with the Raspberry Pi

Drew Fustini recently got his hands on an AlaMode and used it display tweets from his Raspberry Pi to an 2.8″ TFT LCD Touchscreen Shield. The AlaMode and shield are connected to the Raspberry Pi which runs the Arduino IDE and a bit of Python code to ma…