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The Rise of a New Species of Human Being

Today, what survives on Earth can be determined entirely by human beings. We can alter the genetics of almost any life form and potentially design entirely new ones. According to renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, “In the future, a new generation of artists will be writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses.” In […]

Matchmaker, Make Us the Perfect Love Algorithm

We live in a hyper-connected world where communication is almost effortless. And yet, despite abundant connection, we still lack interpersonal fulfillment. The next challenge, then, is not increasing the number of relationships possible, but developing the caliber and depth of those relationships. In other words, it’s now a matter of quality over quantity. Can we […]

If We Can See the Future We Want, We Can Shape It Too

Alida Draudt and Julia Rose West are not only co-authors, business partners, and best of friends, but most importantly, they have differing points of view—which is ideal for two budding Silicon Valley futurists. Alida currently works as a futurist and design strategist at Capital One, and Julia is a design strategist and user experience manager […]

The Cities of the Future Are Smart, Green, Connected Innovation Hubs

Humanity has come a long way since the very first cities began to emerge about ten thousand years ago. Today, places like New York, Tokyo and Dubai are centers of innovation and human progress. Urban projects globally are pushing the limits of engineering, design and architecture. Exponential technologies are being integrated into the very skeleton […]

How the World Has Changed From 1917 to 2017

Over the last 100 years, the world has changed tremendously. For perspective, this year at Abundance 360, I gave a few fun examples of what the world looked like in 1917. This blog is a look at what the world looked like a century ago and what it looks like today. Let’s dive in. In […]

India Is Building the Infrastructure for a Truly Digital Economy

Silicon Valley fancies itself the global leader in innovation. Its leaders hype technologies such as bitcoin and blockchain, which some claim are the greatest inventions since the Internet. They are so complex that only a few mathematicians can understand them, and they require massive computing resources to operate—yet billions of dollars are invested in them. India may […]

Could Having Too Much Become a Bigger Problem Than Having Too Little?

Years ago I traveled to Juarez, Mexico for work, staying across the border in El Paso, Texas and driving back and forth each day. On the Texas side, American life bustled on as usual: wide, well-maintained highways hummed with orderly traffic. Most of the cars were less than a decade old. Strip malls and recently-constructed […]

You Can Now Wear a Nanoscale Archive of 1,000 Languages Around Your Neck

The future depends on how well we’ve preserved the past. Tomorrow’s breakthroughs are built from today’s innovation. To continue the trend, we must keep preserving information properly for future generations. If we leave indecipherable records, important knowledge is trapped in plain sight. While we’ve made progress, the dream of completely preserving knowledge across generations escapes […]

Post-Truth: Technology Is a Big Part of the Problem, But It’s Also a Solution

“Post-truth” was chosen as the 2016 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries, a catch-all term describing a perception of growing distrust of “the facts” and increasing reliance on emotion in public discourse. It is frequently used to describe the politics that underpinned Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign and also the sentiments that resulted in the British […]

This Bitcoin-Eating Plant Robot Hires Artists to Make Its Babies

This is a thing that exists in the world: a bitcoin-eating plant robot (called a plantoid), made of self-executing computer code which owns itself and hires artists to make its babies. If that sounds like crazy future-speak, welcome to the weird world of DAOs, or distributed autonomous organizations. DAOs, an emerging application of the blockchain, […]