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Arduino-Compatible 4-in-1 DrawBot Decorates Walls, Floors, Eggs, and More

Makeblock, a Shenzhen-based open source hardware company, has raised almost double their goal on their Kickstarter campaign for the mDrawBot, a 4-in-1 drawing robot kit that can be assembled into 4 different drawing robots: mScara, mCar, mSpider and …

Super Awesome Sylvia’s WaterColorBot on Display

We told you Sylvia of Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show! would participate in an official White House G+ hangout. But what will she demo? The answer is, a project she worked on with Lenore and Windell of EMSL: a robot that can paint with watercol…

Earthquake-Actuated Artbot

This bot visualizes earthquakes as splotches of paint, squirting paint color coded to the strength of each quake. Quakescape is a 3D fabricator that works by taking earthquake data from the site GeoNet (www.geonet.org.nz) and transferring it into the m…