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Make a Collapsible Archery Bow from Old Skis

Now that the end of winter is in sight, you might be wondering what to do with your skis that were going to be retired after this season. Or maybe you would just rather have a bow than skis. Either way, this technique will show you how to turn your [&h…

Skatebow: Turning Old Skateboards Into Bows

Do skateboards, deep down inside, really wish they were bows? I have no way of knowing. And they have no choice in the matter. These are the words of Mike OReilly. In case you hadn’t gathered yet, he turns skateboards into bows. He’s still …

Cornell Students Create Virtual Archery Game

Inspired by the bow-and-arrow use in Legend of Zelda games, Cornell students Mohamed Abdellatif and Michael Ross created a Virtual Archery game as their Cornell University ECE 4760 Final Project.