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New Project: Coffee Cup Spy Cam

Take your cup of Joe from classic to classified with a tilt-triggered spy camera. The trick is to modify two paper coffee cups — install the device in one, slide it into the second, and align holes cut in the bottoms of each. Two LEDs can be seen thr…

New Review: Review: Mindsensors Accelerometer-Compass Sensor

This gyro-accelerometer-compass sensor is just what your Mindstorms robot needs to keep itself pointed in the right direction.Read more on MAKE

Help a Maker Out — A Call for School Project Advice

Know anything about accelerometers and measuring velocity?Read more on MAKE

Cornell Students Create Virtual Archery Game

Inspired by the bow-and-arrow use in Legend of Zelda games, Cornell students Mohamed Abdellatif and Michael Ross created a Virtual Archery game as their Cornell University ECE 4760 Final Project.