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Visiting Fab Lab Manchester

On a recent visit to Manchester to attend the Future Everything summit, I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit the UK’s first fab lab, housed in a striking, slab-like building in the waterside district of one of Britain’s great industrial cities. I spo…

Charles Guan: Build Your Everything Really Really Fast

Charles Guan is an MIT alumnus, and has been making projects that have been festive and amazing over the past few years. Charles has been influential in the MIT Makerspace/club MITERS, where students create all manner of great projects. He and MITERS m…

Providence, RI Fab Academy Now Accepting Applications for 2013

The Fab Academy Providence is accepting applications for their 2013 program. This is a six-month long digital fabrication program that’s directed by Neil Gershenfeld and is based on his MIT rapid prototyping course, How to Make (Almost) Anything. Deadl…

Built in the Bay: MAKE at the Commonwealth Club of California

What happens when we bring a 3D printer to San Francisco’s financial district? Read the full article on MAKE

Five Questions for Zach “Hoeken” Smith

Zach “Hoeken” Smith is a co-founder of MakerBot, but he left the company 18 months ago and now calls Shenzhen, China home. In addition to pursuing his own projects he’s the program director for Haxlr8r , San Francisco-based hardware start-up incubator….

Foreign Affairs: How to Make Almost Anything

Foreign Affairs magazine just published a long piece by Neil Gershenfeld, How To Make Almost Anything. The title comes from Gershenfeld’s famous class at MIT; if you look through the rosters of past classes you’ll find a lot of familiar names, including David Cranor and Maxim Lobovsky of Formlabs (who […]

The Treadmill Bike

The Treadmill Bike by Bicycle Forrest is cracking me up. Yes, it’s a viral video to ever so subtly introduce you to their Bicycle CAD software, but that’s not going to stop me from writing about it. Besides the fact that there’s CAD software geared towards building bikes, which is cool by itself, I think it’s great that they had an itch and decided to build a treadmill/bike mashup to scratch it.