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Watch the Mechanical Gallop of a Beautiful Kinetic Horse Sculpture

This mechanical horse is made completely out of stainless steel and gracefully gallops in slow motion without a sound.
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Tin Can Roller-Coaster

Who knew you could do so much with food packaging, let alone building an entire roller-coaster?!Read the full article on MAKE

Ask MAKE: Gears and Chains and Pulleys and Belts

Jesse needs to build a drivetrain for his homemade zoetrope. Ask MAKE is here to help him out.Read the full article on MAKE

How-To: Daisy Chain Arduinos via Serial

If you have a project that uses a bunch of Arduinos, how can you get them to communicate together? Scott Lawrence from The Geodesic Sphere shows us how to daisy chain multiple Arduinos together via their serial ports. He used this technique for his lon…