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Laura Kampf’s Zippo Case Bit Holder and Keychain Driver

A unique tool kit for your pocket made from an old lighter case and some common hardware.

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BOOMin’ MonoBox Mod

Inspired by the MonoBox Powered Speaker weekend project, Tony built his “boom box” into a solid MDF chassis approximately 6″ cubed. He attached a bungee cord to the box for portability, and opted for a combo on/off/volume switch.Read the full article o…

The Endlessly Modded MonoBox Powered Speaker

Readers Hauke and Jakub write in with their experience building the MonoBox Powered Speaker. Hauke built his into a stained teabox with modded pot and LED; Jakub built a stereo version into a treasure chest with an illuminated switch and also cleverly …

AirPi Wireless MonoBox Speaker

Justin writes in with his version of the MonoBox Powered Speaker, which he calls the AirPi Wireless Speaker. It combines a Raspberry Pi, the MonoBox amp circuit, and WiFi adapter, all modded into a standard bookshelf speaker.Read the full article on MA…

MonoBox Mods: Same Circuit, Two Builds

Weekend Projects makers John and Scott write in with their experiences building the MonoBox Powered Speaker, along with images that show their custom mods to suit their tastes and needs.Read the full article on MAKE

Smokin’ MonoBox Mod

Weekend Projects maker Tim writes in with his version of the MonoBox Powered Speaker, modded into a Liga Privada No. 9 cigar box.Read the full article on MAKE

Let’s Rock! with Weekend Projects and the MonoBox Powered Speaker

Build a small powered speaker to amplify your portable music player, and install everything inside a cigar box or an enclosure of your own design.Read the full article on MAKE