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Upcycle Glass Spheres into Unique Speaker Enclosures

If you were to create a speaker enclosure, conventional wisdom would have you starting with medium density fiberboard (MDF), or, possibly, some other wood product. Ryan Sweeney, however, decided instead to use a thick glass cylinder for each speaker, m…

New Project: Laser Cut New Enclosures for Desktop Speakers

These speakers and their enclosures are very beginner friendly and are a great way to combine soldering and laser cutting.
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Pump Your Tunes Through This Waveform Display Headphone Amplifier

Justin Yates, who has a degree in both electrical engineering and computer science, built a headphone amplifier with a waveform display.
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New Project: Build a Bare-Bones “Skeleton” Amplifier

This see-through mini-chip amplifier sounds ridiculously good. Build it with common materials and enjoy music played through a component you made yourself.
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New Project: Vinyl Digitizer Phono Preamp

With the Vinyl Digitizer Phono Preamp, you can “dub” records onto your computer and convert the sound files for your phone, MP3 player, car, or anywhere else you need music.Read more on MAKE

Let’s Rock! with Weekend Projects and the MonoBox Powered Speaker

Build a small powered speaker to amplify your portable music player, and install everything inside a cigar box or an enclosure of your own design.Read the full article on MAKE