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This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through December 24th)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE  Big Tech’s AI Predictions for 2017 Lolita Taub | The Huffington Post “For the final Cognitive Business post of the year, I asked artificial intelligence centric Fortune 500 leaders for their 2017 enterprise AI predictions. Microsoft, IBM, Baidu, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, GE, SAS, and Oracle responded. What they had to say is exciting…” CYBERSECURITY Artificial […]

Filmbuff search engine helps users find movies they like

valossa-movies-ai-search-engineVal.ai is an artificially intelligent search engine for films, which can process natural language and analyze thousands of variables.

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Initiative cultivates refugee startups in Finland

Photo: Ai Wei WeiStartup Refugee will provide mentoring programs and funding to help refugees in Finland start their own businesses.

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Clothes with inbuilt air conditioning

vtt-wearable-clothing-temperature-air-conditioningVTT have developed a mass production method for microscopic channels that can be used to make temperature regulating wearables.

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Finland’s Latest Educational Move Will Produce a Generation of Entrepreneurs

Last Friday marked the fifth anniversary of the iPad, a device heralded for triggering the broad adoption of tablet computers and for further spurring our always-connected, digital lives. Like the iPod and iPhone before it, the… read more

Digital keychain brings online cookie functionalities to the mall

physicalcookieThe Physical Cookie is a device which could bring targeted digital marketing capabilities to city malls and shopping centres worldwide.

In Finland, decorative solar panels work indoors

vttsolarThe VTT Technical Research Centre can print up to 100 metres of decorative organic, solar panelling per minute.

The 1970s mood ring gets a wearable tech makeover

moodmetricA Finnish company called MoodMetric has now created a working mood ring that discreetly tracks how the wearer is feeling.

Nokia develops world’s first smartphone-charging trousers

nokiachargingpantsThe Finland-based company has teamed up with British fashion designer A. Sauvage to create wireless charging trousers that can power its Lumia devices on the go.

Big button can be programmed to do anything

bttnbttn is a large, internet-connected button that can be configured for almost any use imaginable.