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Corinne Okada Takara: Bringing Biology and Sustainable Materials Into Youth Makerspaces

Part science lab, part artistic experiment, part eye-opening experience with the natural world, Takara’s homebrew makerspace brings biodesign to eager students.
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Scientists Create the Most Successful Artificial Womb Yet

Among modern medicine’s achievements, one of the most dramatic has been a steep reduction in infant mortality. Yet, even today, there are exceptions. Babies born prematurely often have to battle to stay alive. Our best technology isn’t enough. Scientists recently took a small step towards changing that. A team of doctors from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia […]

Scientists Hacked a Cell’s DNA and Made a Biocomputer Out of It

Our brains are often compared to computers, but in truth, the billions of cells in our bodies may be a better analogy. The squishy sacks of goop may seem a far cry from rigid chips and bundled wires, but cells are experts at taking inputs, running them through a complicated series of logic gates and […]

5 of the World’s Strangest Creatures Aren’t Just Weird—They’re Really Useful Too

Living life on the edge isn’t just a motto for extreme athletes. Our planet is literally crawling with organisms that have somehow adapted to living in extreme environments, from the frigid waters surrounding Antarctica to mantle rocks thrust above the seafloor to crystal-encrusted caves. Scientists have a name for critters that live in the most […]

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Earthquakes? Annie Sneed | Scientific American “Along with more sophisticated computing, he [Johnson] and his team are trying something in the lab no one else has done before: They are feeding machines raw data—massive sets of measurements taken continuously before, during and after lab-simulated earthquake events. They then allow […]

The Ethics of Organoids: Scientists Weigh in on New Mini-Organs

Growing organs in the lab is an enduring sci-fi trope, but as stem cell technology brings it ever closer to reality, scientists are beginning to contemplate the ethics governing disembodied human tissue. So-called organoids have now been created from gut, kidney, pancreas, liver and even brain tissue. Growing these mini-organs has been made possible by advances […]

Aging and Death Are the Evolutionary Price of Complexity

Life’s ever-repeating cycles of birth and death are among the most fundamental principles of nature. An organism starts out as a single cell that grows and divides, develops into an embryo, matures and reaches adulthood, but then ages, deteriorates, and eventually succumbs to death. But why does life have to be cyclic, and why does […]

How Babies in the UK Can Now Legally Have DNA From Three People

From the beginning of time, conception has been a two-person process. Even in cases where there would have been a medical or genetic benefit to pulling in a third person, science hadn’t advanced enough to make it possible. But after years of research and an FDA ban, the first baby conceived using an IVF procedure […]

This Playful Lab-in-a-Box Will Teach You How to Reprogram Life

We’re in the midst of a life sciences revolution. The natural world, including our own bodies, is becoming malleable in a completely unprecedented way. Today, we have the ability to turn any human cell into a stem cell and grow tissues in a lab. We’re getting closer to bio-printing full organs, as well using DNA […]

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE  Big Tech’s AI Predictions for 2017 Lolita Taub | The Huffington Post “For the final Cognitive Business post of the year, I asked artificial intelligence centric Fortune 500 leaders for their 2017 enterprise AI predictions. Microsoft, IBM, Baidu, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, GE, SAS, and Oracle responded. What they had to say is exciting…” CYBERSECURITY Artificial […]