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Edible Innovations: FarmBot Helps Automate Small-Scale Food Production

Rick Carlino and Rory Aronson saw an inherent flaw in our ask-no-questions approach to food, so they decided to create FarmBot.
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Open-Source Chemistry: Autodesk Shares Formula for 3DP Resin

Last year when Autodesk announced their new Spark platform, they promised to make it open and accessible to users. This week, they made a huge step forward with that promise by releasing the formula for the resin that they use in their Ember SLA printe…

Five Minutes with Brad Hill and the LittleRP 3D Printer

Brad Hill has designed a new 3D printer called the LittleRP that will be launching on Kickstarter today. It’s one of a crop of new affordable resin printers on the scene, and I caught up to him to discuss how it came to be and where it’s go…

Review: New Metal Printrbot Simple

Printrbot’s all-new metal Simple is faster, more accurate, and has a 216 cubic inch build volume.Read more on MAKE

faBrickated Makey LEGO Love

Our faBrickation friends made us an awesome jointed Makey prototype! Join Us for a live faBrickation demo on G+ on Wednesday, Feb 19!Read more on MAKE

Let’s Talk 3D Printing with Children

I am proud to announce our publication of a new book by designer Carla Diana called “Leo The Maker Prince.” It’s a book that parents (or teachers) might read with their children to understand what 3D printing is all about.Read more on MAKE

New Review: Review: Airwolf AW3D XL

Taking cues from both the RepRap Air and Prusa, the Airwolf AW3D XL is a solid, robust machine with a lot of potential that produces quality, large-volume prints. Read more on MAKE

Join Us for MAKE’s Second Annual 3D Printer Meetup on 11/14

We’re super excited about the release of our new Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014! Join the editors of MAKE magazine for the second annual 3D Printer Meetup and celebrate with us.Read more on MAKE

Crowdsourcing Prosthetics

It takes a global village. Companies, non-profits organizations and individuals get together to crowdsource prosthetics by sharing innovation, 3D print manufacturing and funding with the Make The World: Prosthetics program Oct.Read more on MAKE

Witnessing the Desktop Fabrication Revolution

Bright and early next Tuesday morning, I’ll hop aboard a plane and wing my way to New York to spend what’s coming to be called “Maker Week” embedded with our editorial team covering all the amazing events that lead up to, and include, World Maker Faire…