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Bye Bye Cubify, 3D Systems Discontinues Consumer Devision

3d systems discontinues the consumer line of printers
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How to Disrupt Yourself With Moonshot Thinking and Unholy Alliances

I often consult for Fortune 500 companies who are looking for ways to innovate (quickly). Perhaps they’ve heard the stat that 40 percent of today’s Fortune 500 companies will no longer… read more
The post How to Disrupt Yourself With Moonshot Think…

3D Scans are 3 Times Faster with Sense Scanner Upgrade

If you are interested in scanning larger objects — people, for example — there are few options on the market better than the 3D Systems Sense scanner. While on the hardware side it only boasts the same type of sensor that you can find in your XBo…

These 11 Technologies Will Go Big in 2015

If you thought 2014 was thrilling, here’s a look at what I’m most excited about for 2015. Here are 11 of the most exciting new technologies moving from deceptive to… read more

3D Systems At CES

Today at CES, 3D Systems made a few big announcements. The most exciting of which is the release of the 3D Systems Touch™. The Touch uses haptic feedback to allow designers and gamers to interact with items in a 3D space. To help make this a multipu…

When 3D Scanning and Printing Meets Comic Books

Guest blogger Roxanne Rives looks at Comic-Con’s 3D printing.Read more on MAKE

Walking Again in a Personalized Exoskeletal Robot

Talk about a step into the future… Exoskeletal robots, once the domain of science fiction, are now helping people in need rise from their wheelchairs. One day in the not-so-distant future, they may replace wheelchairs all together. Imagine being …

DohVinci: First Step Toward a Play-Doh 3D Printer?

Looking like a hand-held glue gun, the DohVinci appeared a few days after Hasbro announced a collaboration with 3D Systems. Can a Play-Doh 3D Printer be far behind? Read more on MAKE

Meet the Machine Makers: The Stories Behind 3D Systems Newest Printers

Shortly after 3D Systems broke the news about their new sugar, chocolate, ceramic, and full-color powder printers MAKE visited their booth at CES 2014 to get the full story behind these incredible machines. I discussed 3DS’ newest FFF printers, t…

3D Systems Breaks the Mold: Sugar, Chocolate, Ceramic, and Full-Color Powder 3D Printing On Your Desktop

With today’s announcements, 3D Systems takes the lead in innovative desktop prosumer 3D Printing. Yesterday we covered their announcement of two new FDM printers, the Cube 3 and CubePro. This morning they completely redefined what’s possibl…