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Make a Teeny Tiny FM Spy Transmitter

Oh! I just realized something… they’re call spy “bugs” because they’re the size of bugs. This FM transmitter is the size of a lady bug, specifically.
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New Project: Long-Range Wireless Broadcasts: Raspberry Pi Slow Scan Television (SSTV) Camera

In this project the Raspberry Pi with the PiCam is used as a wireless camera which can transmit images over long distances, usually hundreds of meters! Images are transmitted by amateur radio (ham radio) using slow scan television (SSTV) on the 2 meter…

Soldering Skill Required: Check out this “Manhattan style” FM Transmitter

Using a single piece of copper-clad board as the common ground, build this Kogawa-influenced FM transmitter using the “Manhattan style” for soldering your circuit. This transmitter uses a homemade coil and relatively small number of common components. …

New Project: Super Simple FM Transmitter

FM transmitters can be complicated to build, but not this one — it’s about the easiest you can possibly make. And though the science of radio is well understood, there’s a magical, emotional quality about it that we don’t often stop to appreciate. B…

Everyone’s the DJ with Autonomous Interactive Radio

Reid Bingham and Sean McIntyre, the duo behind Double One Design, created Autonomous Interactive Radio (AIR for short). It’s a Raspberry Pi-based DJ system which accepts MP3 files via email and enqueues them to be played out through the audio out…

Raspberry Pi as an FM Transmitter

This morning I was lazily browsing Reddit when I came across a project by the Imperial College Robotics Society in the UK. It’s code and instructions for using the Raspberry Pi as a low-power mono FM transmitter. When I saw how easy it looked to …

Calling All Covert Operators – Build a Bug with Weekend Projects

Build a wireless “bug” by combining an amplified listener with a short-range FM transmitter. Hide the circuit in a book or other discreet object.Read the full article on MAKE