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Learn Electronics from the World’s Oldest Drum Machine

A new video series uses an obsolete drum machine to teach everything from voltage to vacuum tubes.
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Arduino-Controlled Robot Makes Drumbeats With Forks

Vito Caiata got his Arduino to talk to his computer sound card via MIDI, then connected a pull-type solenoid to bang on an improvised drum. Read more on MAKE

Lego Drum Machine Runs on Automatic

British artist Alex Allmont built this elegant one-motor Lego drum machine with a Arduino, a proto shield on top wired with a Lego Power Functions power connector, a Digital Delay pedal, and a Drumcomputer MFB-522. Read more on MAKE

Arduino-Based Drum Machine

Circuit bender Dr. Bleep built this sweet Arduino-compatible drum machine, the Bleep Drum, with four sounds, four selectable sequences, tap tempo, record and playback, and more. Of course it’s open source and eminently hackable.Filed under: Ardui…

BeetBox Sets Standard for Vegetable-based Instruments

For the ITP classes Tech Crafts and Materials and Building Strategies, Scott Garner created the BeetBox, a tuber-based electronic drum machine. The instrument uses six beets connected to capacitive sensors to play samples on a Raspberry Pi. Here are th…

MR-808 Brings Vintage Drum Machine to Life

Moritz Simon Geist has made a physical version of the famed TR-808 drum machine.Read the full article on MAKE