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New Project: Make a Bamboo Water Fountain to Frighten Critters from Your Garden

This Japanese water feature literally rocks!
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New Project: Water to Wine Illusion

Inside the box a bunch of magic happens, and out comes a fine glass of wine.Read more on MAKE

Full-Sized Baroque Roman Fountain Sculpted from Cardboard

Artist James Grashow decided to embrace the inevitable destruction of all artworks by creating an epic cardboard sculpture called “Corrugated Fountain.”Read more on MAKE

Laminar Water Jets from Copper Pipe, Scotchbrite, and Drinking Straws

Easy DIY design projects beautiful unbroken jet of water up to 15′.Read more on MAKE

New Project: Japanese Water Fountain

Build a Japanese fountain for your garden. Obtain inner peace.Read more on MAKE

Tropism Well: A Tall Drink of Water

Instead of cricking your neck to drink from a water fountain, what if the fountain cricked its neck for you? Tropism Well is an interactive sculpture that senses when someone is near and bows to pour water into a glass.