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Category: Fiber Art

Robotics | IoT

Diana Eng’s Retroreflective Scarves

MAKE contributor Diana Eng made these cool retroreflective scarves that serve as hi-viz for those romantic moonlit strolls. What normally appear as subtle grey stripes, illuminates with reflected light when exposed to a direct light source. The stripes…

3D-Printed iPhone Sweater Case

Check out this cool Janne Kyttanen-inspired 3D-printed iPhone sweater case from Shapeways’ Design for iPhone 5 Contest winner ArtizanWork. It’s a prime example of the sort of object that can only be produced with a 3D printer. The unibody construction …

Moxie’s Felt Control Panel

On view at the Bellevue Arts Museum, this felt control panel by fiber artist, kit maker, and CRAFT writer Moxie looks pretty cool!Read the full article on MAKE