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How Transformative Tech Can Bring Out the Best in Us All

We now live in exponential times. Technological ability is accelerating. Communication is instant. Interconnection is global. Great change is coming hard and fast. To navigate these conditions, we need to be present, creative, brave, calm, and collaborative — in other words, our best selves. Rather than just an outcome, mental and emotional wellbeing is also a key input for a better future. But while technology is accelerating, our approach to the development of inner wellbeing… read more

Use BITalino to Graph Your Biosignals and Play Pong!

img_6994The BITalino is great for biohacking — hook up the sensors and play Classic Pong with a swing of your wrist.

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Seven Visions of Biohacking, Biosensing, and Biomimicry

Are we entering an age where those technologies, formerly found only in the imaginations of science fiction authors, now become possible for anyone to attempt? What can we do? How far should we go? These are questions we’re only beginning to explore.

Voice of Christopher Walken Gets you Started with the Pulse Sensor

Want to add a human element into your Arduino projects? This video, narrated by a voice that sounds suspiciously like Christoper Walken, gives you tips, tricks, and advice for getting the Pulse Sensor up and running. Read the full article on MAKE

Updated Pulse Sensors in the Maker Shed

The Pulse Sensor is a great way to incorporate biofeedback into your projects. This upgraded version adds amplification and noise reduction allowing for faster, more reliable heartbeat readings. Read the full article on MAKE