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Economics Nobel Prize Winner Sees No Singularity on the Horizon

William Nordhaus looked for leading indicators of a Singularity back in 2015 but couldn’t find any

How Window Washers Almost Sunk Salesforce Tower’s Interactive Light Sculpture

Electrical engineer and artist Jim Campbell explains the technology behind the highest public art installation in the world, and the challenge of avoiding window washers

Move Over Moore’s Law, Make Way for Huang’s Law

Graphics processors are on a supercharged development path that eclipses Moore’s Law, says Nvidia’s Jensen Huang

CES 2018: Intel’s 49-Qubit Chip Shoots for Quantum Supremacy

Intel’s new superconducting quantum chip called Tangle Lake has enough qubits to make things very interesting from a scientific standpoint

4 Strange New Ways to Compute

At the IEEE Rebooting Computing Conference, deep thinking about computing led to some wild ideas

Bitcoin’s Biggest Tech Player to Release AI Chips and Computers

Bitmain built the majority of the computing power on the Bitcoin network. Now it wants to expand into deep learning and other AI