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AI Helps Amputees Walk With a Robotic Knee

Computer algorithms help prosthetic wearers walk within minutes rather than requiring hours of training

Cyberdyne’s HAL Exoskeleton Helps Patients Walk Again in First Treatments at U.S. Facility

Patients at a Florida clinic are the only ones in the United States with access to Cyberdyne’s HAL exoskeleton, but that will change in 2019

Prosthetic Skin to Sense Wind, Rain, and Ants

A new tactile sensor could enable people with prostheses to feel subtle touch

Ford Assembly Line Workers Try Out Exoskeleton Tech to Boost Performance

The upper body EksoVest exoskeleton from Ekso Bionics helps Ford workers with overhead tasks

Artist Creates a “Factory of the Future” With Machines Controlled by Brain Waves

A new exhibit by experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats challenges participants to think about the future of work