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Jurassic Park for Perfume: Ginkgo Bioworks Reconstructs Scents From Extinct Plants

Synthetic biologists resurrect fragrance-producing genes from bygone plant species

Flame throwers? Cyborg Dragons? Elon Musk’s Side Hustle is Anything but Boring

News that comes out of Elon Musk’s Boring Company certainly gets Silicon Valley heads scratching

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The tech incubator Lumi Labs starts out with a bit of Silicon Valley magic on its side

Nvidia Co-founders Remember Their Startup Roller Coaster Ride

Jensen Huang and Chris Malachowsky dive down memory lane, to the glory—the tragedy—the glory—the tragedy—the….

How Chip Design Can Teach Us to Build Better Hospitals

A semiconductor engineer is creating automated tools for building design, starting with hospitals

Starting a Robotics Company? Sell a Service, Not a Robot

Robot company founders and investors make a case for “Robots as a Service” at HAX demo day

China’s Big Tech Advantage Is Speed, Not Cost

HAX’s Ben Joffe takes a look at what’s going on in China’s startup sector

What Happened When We Took the SCiO Food Analyzer Grocery Shopping

Who needs infrared spectrometers in their phones? People who hate buying tasteless produce or mystery cheese