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China’s Most Advanced Power Grid Tech Is in Xinjiang, But Good Luck Trying to See It

Chinese authorities want to avoid outside scrutiny of the country’s security crackdown on Uyghur Muslims

China’s State Grid Corp Crushes Power Transmission Records

State Grid’s 1.1 million volt DC line pushes power from Xinjiang to eastern megacities over 3000 kilometers to the east

Solar and Energy Storage Combine for One Power Energy Solution

Solar energy and energy storage are rapidly being adopted by homeowners and Fortune 100 utilities alike. The speed of this adoption is unheard of for any type of electric energy technology.

Cyber Defense Tool Is an Early Warning System for Grid Attacks

A new tool will enable grid operators to better detect not only a brutal physical attack, but also a hacker probing for vulnerabilities

Why Solar Microgrids May Fall Short in Replacing the Caribbean’s Devastated Power Systems

Solar-powered picrogrids and battery storage are spurring hopes of a silver lining for Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. But cost, time pressures, and resilience may keep fossil-fueled generation front and center

AI to Help Power Grids Resist Disruptions

A new project explores how artificial intelligence could help power grids anticipate and recover from natural disasters

What Does Your Smart Meter Know About You?

It may be more than you’d like

Energy Storage Rose From California Crisis

A crisis that threatened Southern California’s electric grid enabled energy storage to demonstrate its flexibility and rapid deployment

How to Create Cooler Power Systems with Simulation Tools

3 November 2016 Learn how precise thermal calculations can be made using data sheets and application notes, allowing power developers to ensure they optimize the system’s cooling.