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“What Would Doug Engelbart Do?” Ask Organizers of a Silicon Valley Event

Inspired by the man who showed the way to modern computing, tech-minded experts shared ideas for how to tackle climate change, nuclear proliferation, and broken political systems

Jurassic Park for Perfume: Ginkgo Bioworks Reconstructs Scents From Extinct Plants

Synthetic biologists resurrect fragrance-producing genes from bygone plant species

How the Internet of Things Can Save You Money on Insurance

Discounts can be garnered by installing monitoring devices in the smart home or by using telematics to monitor driving habits.

Flame throwers? Cyborg Dragons? Elon Musk’s Side Hustle is Anything but Boring

News that comes out of Elon Musk’s Boring Company certainly gets Silicon Valley heads scratching

Invisibility Can Be a Superpower, T-shirts Matter, and More Insights From Women in Tech

What’s it like to be a woman in tech? Three generations of IBM women weigh in

Marissa Mayer’s New Startup Gets Lucky (a Lucky Building, That Is)

The tech incubator Lumi Labs starts out with a bit of Silicon Valley magic on its side

Nvidia Co-founders Remember Their Startup Roller Coaster Ride

Jensen Huang and Chris Malachowsky dive down memory lane, to the glory—the tragedy—the glory—the tragedy—the….

Feeding Frenzy for AI Engineers Gets More Intense

Demand for software engineers with AI expertise continues to increase, while supply flattens

Checking in With Alphabet Chair John Hennessy

Here’s what the Alphabet/Google chair and Stanford professor says about his new gig, “fake news,” and the future of technology

Sexism’s National Reckoning and the Tech Women Who Blazed the Trail

It’s not that women finally broke the silence; it’s that they were finally listened to, say women at inclusion summit