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Alphabet’s Wind Energy Kites to Fly Offshore

Airborne wind energy company Makani has graduated from X’s experimental labs and is teaming up with offshore energy giant Shell

With Vineyard Wind, the U.S. Finally Goes Big on Offshore Wind Power

The 400-megawatt Vineyard Wind project is the first large offshore wind farm in the U.S. It won’t be the last

Forget Cats, This Neural Network Spots Solar Panels

Stanford’s DeepSolar neural network analyzed satellite images to count U.S. solar installations—and there are a lot more than anybody thought

Less Fire, More Power: The Secret to Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries

Curbing needlelike dendrites that short out cells will make batteries less likely to go up in flames

Floating Solar Rig Produces Hydrogen Fuel

A new device uses solar-powered electrolysis to separate hydrogen from seawater without any membranes or pumps

7 Things About Life in Puerto Rico with No Electricity

A Puerto Rican solar engineer reflects on the struggles of daily life after Hurricane Maria

Modular Power Blocks Snap Together to Scale Up Energy Needs in Remote Areas

A microgrid solution that uses a swarm intelligence algorithm could finally electrify rural Africa

How Blockchains Will Help Connect Billions to Electricity and Financial Services

The functional value of a cryptocurrency isn’t in the coins themselves—but as a platform for new types of transactions

Mexico Border Wall Won’t Stop Cross-border Power Push

Mexico and its U.S. neighbors are planning expanded electrical trade even as President Trump continues pushing to build a border wall. New transmission links and greater use of existing connections could ease the integration of renewable energy by both…

Dutch Will Use Wind Power to Green Airports, But Solar is the Future Elsewhere

Unused acreage at airports is being used for renewable energy facilities, especially solar. But some restrictions apply