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IHMC Developing New Gymnast-Inspired Humanoid Robot

Hydraulic actuators will give Nadia a unique combination of flexibility and power

Building Robots That Can Go Where We Go

To be useful around people, robots need to learn how to walk like we do

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Caltech Building Agile Humanoid Robot by Combining Legs With Thrusters

Leonardo augments humanoid legs with thrusters to help it run and jump

Airbags Could Protect Humanoid Robots From Catastrophic Falls

Walking robots will always turn into falling robots, and wearable airbags could help keep them safe

UBTECH Shows Off Massive Upgrades to Walker Humanoid Robot

The Chinese company demonstrates its consumer bipedal humanoid at CES

IHMC Teaches Atlas to Walk Like a Human

Humans walk with straight legs and most robots don’t, but IHMC is teaching Atlas to do better

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Shows Off Parkour Skills

The agile humanoid is learning to use its whole body to leap higher than ever

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