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A Crowd of Computer Scientists Lined Up for Bill Gates—But it Was Gavin Newsom That Got Them Buzzing

California Governor Gavin Newsom wows a crowd of distinguished computer scientists, educators, and other Silicon Valley luminaries at Stanford Human-Centered AI symposium

Flipping or Turning? This Massive Database of Video Clips Will Help AIs Understand the Difference

Researchers can use the “Moments in Time” project to train AI systems to recognize and understand actions and events in videos

Shimi Will Now Sing to You in an Adorable Robot Voice

Deep learning helps one of Georgia Tech’s musical robots to understand humans and sing to them

Putting Skin, Heart, and Soul in the Game of Solving Biomedical Challenges

Millimeter-wave imaging is cheaper, safer, less power-intensive and much more portable than other types of body imaging.

Can AI Detect Deepfakes To Help Ensure Integrity of U.S. 2020 Elections?

Startup Deeptrace is racing to develop automated detection of fake videos and images as U.S. 2020 elections loom

Animal-AI Olympics Will Test AI on Intelligence Tasks Designed for Crows and Chimps

Experiments drawn from Aesop’s Fables can gauge general intelligence

4 Experts Respond to Trump’s Executive Order on AI

The new “American AI Initiative” is heavy on bombast, light on specifics

Pictionary-Playing AI Sketches the Future of Human-Machine Collaborations

As either “guesser” or “drawer,” the Allen Institute’s new AI cooperates with a human player

DeepMind’s AI Shows Itself to Be a World-Beating World Builder

Bests human professional gamers in the complex strategy game StarCraft II