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Robotics | IoT

How Political Campaigns Weaponize Social Media Bots

Analysis of computational propaganda in the 2016 U.S. presidential election reveals the reach of bots

Coding for Catastrophe: Contest Seeks Apps to Mitigate Effects of Natural Disasters

Got a great idea for an app to help people deal with a natural disaster? Call for Code wants to hear from you

Hiding Information in Plain Text

Subtle changes to letter shapes can embed messages

The Nexus Linking IBM, California Wine, and Climate Modeling

If this were a “Jeopardy” clue, the category would be “IoT” and the answer would be “Who is physicist Hendrik Hamann?”

Q&A: Max Bittker’s Twitter Bot Tracks New Words in The New York Times

The bot dutifully recorded the U.S. president’s vulgar word choice two weeks ago

AI Helps Magicians Perform Mind Reading Tricks

A muggle technology known as AI can help non-wizards exploit human psychology for magic tricks

AI Helps Magicians Perform Mind-Reading Tricks

A muggle technology known as AI can help nonwizards exploit human psychology for magic tricks

Weissman Score Calculators Migrate Online, But Metric Needs Some Improvements

If people are using them, they are likely hiding the compression metric’s “Silicon Valley” origins

The New Brain Behind the Whiteboards—and More—for HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

This year many of the formulas, documents, and snippets of engineer-speak on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” will be coming from Stanford postdoc Dmitri Pavlichin

Photoshop Creator Thomas Knoll on Subscription Software and What’s Good for Engineers

The software engineer who created Photoshop talks about the power of procrastination, pluses of subscription software, and why it’s nice not to be a celebrity