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Shot to the Gut: “Robotic” Pill Sails Through Human Safety Study

The autonomous, easy-to-swallow device administers a drug injection inside the intestines

From the Segregated South to Bell Labs to the AI Frontier

Legendary inventor James West is trying to save lives with a smart stethoscope

Hey, Siri: Read My Lips

Silent speech recognition enables covert communication

A Smart Stethoscope Puts AI in Medics’ Ears

Engineers from Johns Hopkins reinvent the humble stethoscope to save lives

AI Helps Amputees Walk With a Robotic Knee

Computer algorithms help prosthetic wearers walk within minutes rather than requiring hours of training

Cyberdyne’s HAL Exoskeleton Helps Patients Walk Again in First Treatments at U.S. Facility

Patients at a Florida clinic are the only ones in the United States with access to Cyberdyne’s HAL exoskeleton, but that will change in 2019

Choosing Sensors for Medical Applications

Sensor based monitoring is becoming popular among the aging population. Here’s how to select a sensor to fit your application and parameters.

The First Frontier for Medical AI Is the Pathology Lab

But before adopting startup PathAI’s tools, doctors must see if they are worth the cost

“AI Clinician” Makes Treatment Plans for Patients With Sepsis

Researchers say the AI doesn’t just see like a doctor, it acts like a doctor

Stretchy, Solar-Powered Sensor Detects Heartbeats

Researchers have successfully integrated a solar cell and an ultra-flexible biosensor