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4 Tips to Get the Most out of Your SMB Website

In 2017, even the smallest of enterprises need to establish a strong online presence. Still, a surprisingly large number of startups and small businesses still have no website. This is a really shocking, seeing how no matter how you handle your digital marketing, building a website is the most important piece of the puzzle. With this in mind, here are four tips that you might find useful. 1.      Make it mobile friendly Today, there are more mobile than desktop users online, which should make…

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

Everyone in the digital marketing knows that since 2015 the majority of people online browse the internet through their smartphones or tablets. A few weeks ago, Android became the world’s most popular OS people use to access the internet, which made mobile users even more important to the online businesses. To make a long story short, in order to give your audience a great user experience in 2017, you need to find a way to optimize your website for mobile users. Here are five tips on how to do…

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