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Flashing Light and Sound Reduced Alzheimer’s Symptoms in Mice

The last thing Dr. Li-Huei Tsai expected to help her Alzheimer’s mice was a disco cage. Three years back, in a strobe of insight, her team decided to stick mice engineered with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease under flashing lights. For just an hour a day, these mice—their brains chock full of amyloid-beta, a toxic […]

Finally, Proof That Quantum Computing Can Boost Machine Learning

Quantum supremacy sounds like something out of a Marvel movie. But for scientists working at the forefront of quantum computing, the hope—and hype—of this fundamentally different method of processing information is very real. Thanks to the quirky properties of quantum mechanics (here’s a nifty primer), quantum computers have the potential to massively speed up certain […]

Imagining the Smart Cities of 2050

Tomorrow’s cities are reshaping almost every industry imaginable, and birthing those we’ve never heard of. Riding an explosion of sensors, megacity AI ‘brains’, high-speed networks, new materials and breakthrough green solutions, cities are quickly becoming versatile organisms, sustaining and responding to the livelihood patterns of millions. Over the next decade, cities will revolutionize everything about the […]

A New Ion-Drive Transistor Is Here to Interface With Your Brain

Silicon transistors and the brain don’t mix. At least not optimally. As scientists and companies are increasingly exploring ways to interface your brain with computers, fashioning new hardware that conforms to and compliments our biological wetware becomes increasingly important. To be fair, silicon transistors, when made into electrode arrays, can perform the basics: record neural […]

3 Practical Solutions to Offset Automation’s Impact on Work

In recent years, the media has sounded the alarm about mass job loss to automation and robotics—some studies predict that up to 50 percent of current jobs or tasks could be automated in coming decades. While this topic has received significant attention, much of the press focuses on potential problems without proposing realistic solutions or […]

How Three People With HIV Became Virus-Free Without Drugs

You’re not entirely human. Our DNA contains roughly 100,000 pieces of viral DNA, totaling 8 percent of our entire genome. Most are ancient relics from long-forgotten invasions; but to HIV patients, the viral attacks are very real and entirely prescient to every moment of their lives. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS—the horrifying disease […]

The Smart Cities of the Future Are Already Taking Off

By 2040, about two-thirds of the world’s population will be concentrated in urban centers. Over the decades ahead, 90 percent of this urban population growth is predicted to flourish across Asia and Africa. Already, 1,000 smart city pilots are under construction or in their final urban planning stages across the globe, driving forward countless visions […]

The Gene Therapy Trial Aiming to Fend Off Alzheimer’s

There’s a test for Alzheimer’s risk that genetic counselors don’t like to talk about. It’s not that they’re hiding the information—rather, it’s because Alzheimer’s has no cure. There are no consensus methods to actively prevent it, treat it, or even delay the symptoms. And losing one’s treasured memories, mind, and eventually, sense of self is […]

How Tech Will Let You Learn Anything, Anytime, at Any Age

Today, over 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone with access to the world’s information and near-limitless learning resources. Yet nearly 36 million adults in the US are constrained by low literacy skills, excluding them from professional opportunities, prospects of upward mobility, and full engagement with their children’s education. And beyond its direct impact, low literacy […]

Quantum Computing, Now and In the (Not Too Distant) Future

Fifty years ago, smartphones would have been the ultimate computing wizardry. Just as classical computers were almost unimaginable to previous generations, we’re now facing the birth of an entirely new type of computation, something so mystical it may as well be magic: quantum computing. If the word “quantum” makes your head spin, you’re not alone. […]