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New Project: Practice for Your Next Rave with Fabric Poi

Design and sew your very own set of poi for dancing, spinning, and twirling.
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Glo-Mo: Designing a High Tech Dance

“To me, the lights were artwork of themselves. There were the dancers dancing under art, with art on their bodies, so it just brought the whole picture together,” said Danielle Sampson, a dance teacher at Grand Center Arts Academy. I attend Grand C…

Recreating A UFO Light With A 3D Printer

last year I downloaded SketchUP and just doodled around with it. I didn’t really do anything challenging. I went to MakerFaire in Queens, and was completely inspired. Then, I went to the MakerBot store in New York, and I was blown away. I immedia…

Dances with Robots

Robotician for Aldebaran by day and dancer by night, Audrick Fausta mixes his two passions. See him here performing with two NAO robots.Read more on MAKE

Visualize your Atoms with Danceroom Spectroscopy

If you can make it to a live event, audience members can actually interact with the installation.Read more on MAKE

Dodecaudion, a Gesture-Based Spatial Music Generator

Dodecaudion is a gesture-based, spatial interface that allows performers to create music by moving hands or other body parts around the 12-sided structure.Read the full article on MAKE