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Why I’m Excited That Microchip Is Buying Atmel

Microchip and Atmel’s merge will hopefully yield a combination the best of the AVR and PIC worlds — so what does this mean for embedded development?
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First Look at the new Arduino Zero

Hinted at yesterday by Massimo Banzi during his keynote speech at MakerCon yesterday, Arduino has just officially announced their latest board—the Arduino Zero.Read more on MAKE

Atmel Brings Making to CES, Promises Big Things in Small Packages in 2014

As MAKE scouts through CES 2014 with the question “Is making going mainstream?”, we have been finding more and more examples of how much it is, and the Atmel booth is one of the most defining models of that. Read more on MAKE

Five More Awesome Projects Shared by MAKE Readers

“Your Projects” is a column that features some of the awesome creations our readers have been making. These projects from our readers come from the MAKE Google+ Community and beyond.Read more on MAKE

The Atmel Education Panel

It’s not just Maker Faire here in New York—it’s Maker Week—and there are a huge number of side-events, panels, and hackathons going on around the city. As part of this Atmel hosted a makers in education panel.Read more on MAKE

Maker Projects in Space

The maker movement is moving along full throttle, with things like Maker Faire Rome (European Edition) coming up, posters that say things like “Make Something Today” popping up literally everywhere I turn around (at least in Toronto), and companies…

Designing the Electronics User Experience

In February I did an interview with Eric Jennings, co-founder of Pinoccio. Pinoccio is a new open source hardware business, building “a complete ecosystem for the Internet of Things.” The Pinoccio is a pocket-sized microcontroller board with wirele…

The Internet of Things: Inspiration and Requirements

This is first of a three-part series on the Internet of Things with Atmel’s Tom Vu and Internet of Things Council member Michael Koster. Part 1: Inspiration and Requirements. Read the full article on MAKE

Interview with Pinoccio Co-Founder Eric Jennings

Eric Weddington, marketing manager for open source and communities at Atmel, posted an in-depth interview with Pinoccio’s Eric Jennings. Pinnoccio is a new, open source hardware company. Their first product is a microcontroller board aimed at creating …

Glove Based Sign-to-Speech System

The EnableTalk system uses a glove-mounted microcontroller to collate information from a passel of onboard sensors—11 flex sensors, 8 touch sensors, 2 accelerometers, a compass, and a gyroscope—and transmit it wirelessly to a nearby computer or smartphone for translation into machine generated speech.