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Citizen Science Means Anyone Could Discover Planet Nine—Even You

In the first week that US scientists recruited the public to help identify a possible ninth planet in our solar system, more than 20,000 people volunteered to join the search. About 50,000 people around the world have signed up to allow Australian astronomers to siphon off a bit of their computing power to study the […]

Robotic Tissue-Slicing Microscopes and DIY Crowd Science to Accelerate Research

What does it mean when a robot can replace the need for pathologists to spend hours looking through a microscope to perform their job? Or when clinical studies no longer require participants to go to the hospital and can instead just download an app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store? From algorithms sorting through medical imaging and creating 3D models to deep learning systems making diagnoses from tissue scans, we’re entering a time in… read more