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Category: Exponential Medicine 2016

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The Astonishing Healthcare Tech of the Future Is Arriving

This week in San Diego, Singularity University hosted its annual Exponential Medicine conference. The conference aims to connect the dots between healthcare disciplines and cutting-edge tech by convening medical practitioners, technologists, entrepreneurs, and over 80 expert speakers from the field. It’s easy to say “healthcare is broken” and call it a day, but a quote from brilliant thinker Maria Popova reminds us of the power of optimism to create change: “Pessimists can tell you what’s… read more

The Future of Surgery Is Robotic, Data-Driven, and Artificially Intelligent 

As far back as 3,500 years ago ancient Egyptian doctors were performing invasive surgeries. Even though our tools and knowledge have improved drastically over time, until very recently surgery was still a manual task for human hands. When it came out about 15 years ago, Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci surgical robot was a major innovation. The da Vinci robot helps surgeons be more precise and dexterous and to remove natural hand tremors during surgery. In… read more

Bridging the Mental Healthcare Gap With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is learning to take on an increasing number of sophisticated tasks. Google Deepmind’s AI is now able to imitate human speech, and just this past August IBM’s Watson successfully diagnosed a rare case of leukemia. Rather than viewing these advances as threats to job security, we can look at them as opportunities for AI to fill in critical gaps in existing service providers, such as mental healthcare professionals. In the US alone, nearly… read more

“It’s a Powerful Time to Reshape Healthcare Across the Planet”

We are living in a world that is global and exponential. Technology is taking things that used to be scarce and making them abundant—and these forces are reshaping the fields of medicine and healthcare in completely novel ways. Opening this year’s Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego, Daniel Kraft, the curator of the conference, and faculty chair of Medicine and Neuroscience at Singularity University, took the audience on a whirlwind tour of the latest developments in… read more

Tomorrow’s Healthcare Is Here Today: Exponential Medicine Begins in San Diego

Anyone who says fully digitized medicine is off on a 10-year horizon is wrong. The future of medicine and healthcare is here today. If you need proof, can you guess what Stanford University’s top gastroenterologist prescribed me the other week? A digital smart pill. This week the Singularity Hub team is on the ground at the Exponential Medicine Conference in San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado. You can watch the conference on livestream and also visit… read more