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Are There Other Intelligent Civilizations Out There? Two Views on the Fermi Paradox

Scientists have now discovered a few thousand planets orbiting other stars and, based on these observations, believe there may be as many as 8.8 billion potentially habitable Earth-sized planets in the Milky Way alone. Include stars smaller than the sun and that number increases to 40 billion potentially habitable Earth-like planets. Some take these observations as an indicator we couldn’t possibly be the only technologically advanced civilization in existence—others wonder why we haven’t heard from… read more

Singularity University Comes Home: Global Summit Kicks off Today in San Francisco

Singularity University’s inaugural Global Summit is kicking off today in tech capital San Francisco and running through August 30th. The Singularity Hub team will be on the ground, covering some of the best speakers, and bringing you live Facebook interviews to give you a taste of the magic too. SU’s three exponential conferences all have a unique industry focus—finance, medicine, and manufacturing. But the focus of Global Summit is to go broad, showcase trends in… read more